Shape of eight

I love curvature
With the shape of eight
And if you think you have
You can have my pocket and wallet.

I love big curvature
With the shape of eight
Oh baby
Do and do more
Pushup and squat
If you want to have
My pocket and wallet.


Parmit Singh Dhurandhar


The thump in my womb

I want to dream
But I am hurt.
Would you touch me?
To make my heart
To pump out the blood into my mind.

I want to fly
But I have a fear
That my wings are small and weak.
Would you touch me?
To make my heart
To pump out the blood into my wings.

I want to go on long walk
In the night
But I am afraid of their eyes and darkness.
Would you be my man?
To protect me
By keeping your arms around my waist.

I want to swim
But I can not breath so long.
Would you touch me?
To make my heart
To pump out the blood into my lungs.

I want to feel the thump
In my womb
But I am scared.
Would you touch me?
To make my heart
To pump out the blood into my uterus.


Parmit Singh Dhurandhar

This Summer

This Summer
The night will be longer
The day will be brighter
The flowers will sing for me
And the stars will blink for me.

This Summer
She will be dressed up for me
In the morning
And will take shower for me
In the night.

This summer
She will be a queen
For a new kingdom
To rule it as per her wish.

This Summer
Her hair will shine without shampoo
Her feet will be red
Without color on it
And her lips will keep speaking
To the mirror
Just by imagining my thirst
On my dry lips.


Parmit Singh Dhurandhar

This summer

This summer
A new bird will fly in the sky
With its new and strong wings.
And it will fly to woods
To make a new nest.

A new flower will bloom
To welcome sunrays and night dews
Every morning.
A new river will flow
To nourish seeds and making noise.

And a new star will be born in the sky
To make night beautiful
And to enhance the beauty of the moon.

I wish the nature preserves their tenderness
And hope they provide their fragrance and light
In my life till my last breath.
Waiting for this summer
To sing a new song
To sleep on a new bed
And to welcome a new walk.


Parmit Singh Dhurandhar


Ozlum – Ozlum
मधुरम – सुंदरम।
You are a beauty like Jhelum,
Ozlum – Ozlum
मधुरम – सुंदरम।

You are a beauty like Jhelum,
Which is a river in Panjab,
but still flows in the heart of everyone.
Ozlum – Ozlum
मधुरम – सुंदरम।

Your eyes reminisce me,
The battle of Hydaspes,
Between the great Alexander and Porus.
Ozlum – Ozlum
मधुरम – सुंदरम।


Parmit Singh Dhurandhar

Mayawati: A leader with no confidence and charisma

Mayawati lost the election of RS despite the support of the Samajwadi Party. She even asked Akhilesh Yadav to fix 10 loyal MLAs from SP to vote for BSP in election. And that was the lowest level of desperation, low confidence and doubt on alliance in political system that I have never seen. That still continues and that’s the reason she is not able to confess that a young leader made her fool. This also proves that Akhilesh Yadav is a very sharp player of politics and he can defeat anyone in mind game from his father, uncle and now Mayawati.

In this alliance, Mayawati was in compromising condition from beginning and that the reason she is shallowing everything just to survive in long run. Here, I am giving point wise her mistakes she made in this alliance and this was because Akhilesh knows that she cannot dictate rules for alliance. BSP has to play the role of supporting actor even if Mayavati is senior player.

  1. There were four possible ways for alliance between BSP and SP before LS and RS:
  2. 1 LS + 1 RS for both SP and BSP
  3. 1 LS + 2 RS for SP and 1 LS for BSP
  4. 2 LS for SP and 2 RS for BSP
  5. 2 LS for SP and 10th seat of RS for SP and secure 9th seat of RS for BSP
  6. 2 LS + 1 RS for SP and 10th seat of RS for BSP.
  7. 2 LS +1 RS for SP and no BSP candidate

The option e was impossible because the total vote was always less than 37 for BSP despite the support of SP and congress. Also, they were aware that BJP could win with second choice in that case. Knowing all these, she chose option e and not f, which only explain that she was blindly believing for miracle and hoping that BJP would not file for 10th candidate.

In my opinion, she was made fool by Akhilesh by convincing her that BJP would win easily the by-election in LS. That’s the reason she accepted 1 RS candidate for each party. In fact, she should have waited for RS alliance till LS results.

  1. It is obvious to everyone that she was cheated and made fool by SP. Instead of accepting that she went on to blame BJP for promoting the police officer who was SSP of Lucknow during the famous guest-house episode. This shows that she is suffering with low confidence and begging for the power. Atal jee did not inducted Ram Krishna Hegde in his cabinet when he formed his second government because Ram Krishna Hedge was trying to make a third front government when Atal jee lost the vote of confidence in LS. Ram Krishna Hedge was trying to become PM and Atal jee had confidence to get the majority by facing election. So, Ram Krishna Hedge was trying to kill his chance by breaking the trust of alliance and Atal jee never trusted again ad he was not willing to gain the power by losing the respect.

So, this is the lowest political level of Mayawati where she is not able to think anything and desperately wants some miracle which is odd as leader should change the situation and not live in the situation.


Parmit Singh Dhurandhar