Your eQTL and my aQTL

I collect your smiles,
Your styles, your responses,
As the function of rnorm,
And, at the scale of second.
Lets plot the distribution, baby
Lets plot the distribution,
Whether it is normal,
Or binomial.
The fisher test would tell,
Whether it is love,
Or infatuation.

With all your sharp features,
We just need to make decisions,
In the random forest.
With more deep feeling,
Layer by layer,
We can try later,
Deep learning or DRAGON.
I believe,
Your eQTL and my aQTL,
Have the same SNPs,
With a significant R square,
And, without any batch effect.
Your eyes determine the slope,
Of my regression model.
Lets predict the P value, baby
Lets predict our love and future,
By minimizing the error of regression.


Parmit SIngh Dhurandhar


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