I will return my degree if antinational activists are not punished

The purpose of any university is to educate people how to make a better society, how to spread love and how to protect their country. Otherwise what is the important of reading history of Nalanda and Takshila. I always feel proud to mention that I am from JNU. However, after seeing so many videos, I am hurt and feeling down. How can one support someone who wants to break our motherland just in the name of freedom of speech? Is this really a freedom of speech? Do we need that? Do we want to divide the country on the name of such freedom? At the same time, we worship Gandhi and other freedom fighters who fought for independence of our country. Why do we still call Sardar Patel as Lauh Purursh, if we want to break our country? I really don’t want such freedom of speech and I will never support anything against my country.

If people still think that being different is the characteristic of JNU, I am sorry, but this time line has been crossed. If government and JNU administration are unable to punish the real culprits, I will return my all degrees from JNU. I would request government to kindly provide my degrees from other university. Moreover, at the time of admission, JNU authority should ask applicants to fill in the application form whether they are comfortable with anti-India activities in JNU or not. I am sorry but as a poet I always love my motherland and I am not comfortable. I am not forcing others but it is my right or freedom that I should get degree from university that is involved in building nation and not the speaker for freedom.


Parmit Singh Dhurandhar


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