Marriage and Heaven

We are in 2015 and every one is busy to store the memories of 2014. For me there is only one memory, when my friends kept telling, “Marriage is written in the heaven.” This made me to think why marriages are written in the heaven. If this is correct then what about Muslims and marriages in other religions.

If marriages are written in the heaven, there are no wives for the people who go to the hell or who takes birth from the hell directly. Thus, the unmarried people in this world are from the hell, at least in the Hindu religion. So wives are awards for people who goes to heaven due to good work (Karma) in their past life. This also suggests that women never go into the hell. The alternative hypothesis is that they can choose a guy from the haven since the writing materials and the writers are from heaven. So, God and His workers are partial for the heaven and that’s the reason people keep telling that do good work here in this world. Thus, even if women are in the hell, they choose a guy from the heaven to have a good life there and here. A guy with multiple marriages means he was awarded multiple times or many women chose him in the heaven. It might be that the writer, who writes these marriages, makes mistake by thinking him as unmarried.

However, Nehru tried to stop these heaven-written marriages as he was from the rival group of God. He was not successful in his attempt to replace Lord Indra in the heaven. His attempts to provoke people in the hell were also not successful. Thus, he tried to take the revenge from God by stopping the heaven-written marriages on the earth, at least in Hindu as his fight was with Hindu God who refused him to make Indra. That’s the reason extra martial relations; pre-martial sex and divorce rate has increased in India, especially amongst Hindu couples, as we cannot change one’s Karma. In other words, Nehru is responsible for all these.

Moreover, multiple marriages of a single guy suggest that women population in the heaven is less than men. The exact reason is not known but there are several reasons:

  1. More life period of women than men on the earth. So there are few women die per year than man.
  2. Hindu kills own daughters after birth. This creates a big problem in the traffic to the heaven and also in marriage writings. The ongoing research focus on to make girls into women by drugs, as “Baal-Vivah” is not happening on the earth, so God told them not to waste time in such marriage writings.
  3. It might be that there is exchange of women into the different religious heaven. Thus, God might help each other depending which side needs them, suggesting Gods from different religion cooperates irrespective of their followers here.
  4. Women from earth are more skillful and beautiful than the permanent beauties (Apsara e.g., Menka) in the heaven. Therefore, more and more women are marrying to them to stay permanently in the heaven. It is similar to Indian girls like to marry more and more to American guy just to settle in USA.

Further, people from the hell are not willing to marry. There are many program run by the heaven to attract them. However, they are not interested in marriage and believe that marriage is just waste. These people spent their life to improve society level and trying to make earth more like the heaven. So men from the hell are more social and successful, examples of such people are Swami Vicekananda, Narendra Modi. On the other side, men from the heaven are more interested in women, relationship and luxury. They want society to be more open for women so that they can enjoy more.

People involved in writing in heaven are spending more attention than earlier as the inter-religion marriages; inter-countries marriages have increased in recent time.

Parmit Kumar Singh


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