Menka, Amrapaali and Arvind Kejriwaal: Trimurti of Personal Goal.

There is a similarity between the story of Vishamitra-Menka and the story of Amrapaali-Azadshatru. Menka left her husband and child. She cried and complained about her duty. Similarly, Amrapali always complained against the society but she refused to go with Azadshatru, when there was a chance. The moral of the story is not that women were suppressed during that time, but it is that both refused to do so just to achieve same personal goal. Therefore, they used others to fulfill their dream or ambition. In that process they harmed the good people and supported the bad people.

Arvind Kejriwaal is playing a role of modern-day Amrapaali. Like her, he always complains against everyone but he refused to change the system, when there was an opportunity for him. So on based of these two stories, I can tell that people associated with him will suffer and they will not get anything at the end. He is going to fulfill just his agenda. Such people cannot see anything except their personal goal. Menka wanted to get the position what Rambha had, Amrapaali wanted to be the most beautiful and powerful women at that time, and Kejriwaal wants to ………

The bottom line is that ambitious people never work for welfare of the society. They do that just to get the power.


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